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From Anita Carthew

Oxford Branch MembersThe Beast from the East was responsible for knocking our March Branch Meeting for six, but we were grateful to Diversey in Northampton for agreeing to rearrange the complete day’s meeting in the better June weather.

We had decided to organise a full day meeting, with the agenda items being led by requests from our Membership – and a very successful day it was.

The meeting commenced with a short overview of kitchen-related cleaning products from our hosts, before apetito’s Dietitian, Helen Willis, provided a great presentation on the new IDDSI rules, which come into force in April 2019. She explained in realistic terms what it means to caterers and Craig Smith, HCA Vice-Chair, was also able to update the Association’s input into the IDDSI External Reference Group.

Caroline Beer then introduced us to the products available from Boka and provided lots of samples for everyone.

After a lovely lunch provided by Diversey, Dr Mabel Blades gave us an informed presentation on diabetes, with the audience amazed that there were so many types.

James Varghese closed the presentation part of the day with a presentation on the range of frozen meals available from apetito.

The next Oxford region meeting will take place on 27 September and will commence at 9am for 9.30am and close after lunch. Venue and agenda will be confirmed soon.


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