A Letter from Lord Hunt

Dear Hospital Caterer

As President of the Hospital Caterers Association (HCA), I would like to express my sincere appreciation and applaud you all for the tremendous and challenging work that you have undertaken and continue to do during these turbulent and extremely challenging times of COVID-19.

Since our Annual General Meeting, I have been receiving regular updates from your Vice Presidents Mark Hayman and Alison McCree, and National Chair Brian Robb, and I have attended a recent meeting with all National Officers. Brian has briefed me on the large number of Branch meetings he has attended along with National Secretary Janice Gillan, and from that briefing it was clear that our members continue to lead on the promotion of professional standards and continue to enhance and improve catering services across the four nations.

Your good work is assurance that our members continue to provide the complexity and diversity of delivering safe and nutritious meals, not only to patients in our care but also to all of our hospital staff.

Within the HCA there are varying responsibilities and titles – such as catering managers, facilities managers, housekeeping assistants, housekeepers, and cooks – who are involved in the meal service delivery process, providing support to our clinical colleagues and ensuring the wellbeing of patients’ nutritional care. My thanks and appreciation is to all who come under the auspices of hospital catering.

You should all be very proud of the jobs you do and proud to be part of the Hospital Caterers Association.

My sincere best wishes

Philip Hunt
The Rt Hon Lord Hunt of Kings Heath PC OBE Chair HCA

Philip Hunt
The Rt Hon Lord Hunt of Kings Heath PC OBE Chair HCA

Brian Robb MIH

Honorary National Chair HCA

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