Lauren Bowen and Maxine Cartz entered on the BDA Roll of Honour 2020

Lauren Bowen (left) and Maxine Cartz (right)

Two HCA Members have been entered on the British Dietetic Association’s (BDA) Roll of Honour 2020 for their outstanding contribution on the much heralded Hospital Food Review, a ‘root and branch’ inspection of the way food is served in the NHS. This review was called for by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, following the outbreak of Listeria that sadly killed a number of inpatients who had consumed bought-in sandwiches.

Lauren Bowen, Head of Patient Catering with ISS Healthcare and Medirest’s Maxine Cartz, have received this rare honour which is given as a result of nominations from staff, colleagues and members.

Caroline Bovey BEM, Chair of the BDA was impressed to see such a strong endorsement from the BDA Board of Directors.

Craig Smith, National Chair of the Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) added: “The contributions that both Lauren and Maxine gave to the Hospital Food Review were immense, they took their responsibilities extremely seriously and this was reflected in the quality of the work submitted to the Review. This recognition is really well deserved.”

Maxine Cartz said: “I am pleased to have been part of this important review of hospital food and I'm optimistic about its outcomes. Utopia for me is food being eaten and enjoyed, whilst also meeting nutritional needs. This is no different for people in hospital for whom food is an essential part of their care.”

Lauren Bowen added: “It was an absolute privilege to represent dietitians on this review, but to also have my operational catering hat on. The report recognises not only the clinical importance of food and drink in hospitals, but also values the teams that deliver it - this is what makes it special. Delivering quality and safe food should be a given and embracing technology and consistently focusing on the last 9 yards will support a service we can always be proud of.”

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