Let’s give a “big shout out” for the chefs working in hospitals around the country…providing key services, providing nourishing food at all hours of day and night for critical care nurses and doctors #NHSChefHeroes

In these extraordinary circumstances, this is the time to tell people what NHS catering teams, chefs and suppliers do.  So much of our work goes unsung or the public do not have the opportunity to understand what goes on behind scenes.  We are working with Love British Food to put out stories about you and your teams under the #NHSChefHeroes  Stories about the quality of food you use; local farms and grocers that supply your hospitals; the chefs and teams working so hard to help produce nourishing food for the doctors and nurses working in these critical circumstances.  They deserve our applause and recognition.  Telling everyone about what they do is key to the success we hope to have serving high quality hospital food in the future.

Please email alexiarobinson@lovebritishfood.co.uk or jane@lovebritishfood.co.uk

You only need send a few sentences.  Photos are brilliant with a few words.

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