apetito’s CCO, Ian Stone, takes on Chair and Presidency of the British Frozen Food Federation

Ian StoneIan Stone, Chief Commercial Officer of leading meals provider to the Healthcare sector, apetito, has been appointed as President and Chair of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF).  He takes over from outgoing BFFF President and Chairman Nigel Broadhurst, who until July, was joint managing director of Iceland Foods.

As a key partner to the Health and Social Care sectors, apetito, works closely in partnership with NHS trusts, in addition to supplying care homes, nurseries, and schools.   The company is widely respected as an expert in the provision of award-winning meals that are nutritious, meet specialist dietary needs and support excellence in dining.

The company has been a key supporter of the BFFF for many years. 

BFFF is the leading Trade Association for the Frozen Food’ sector.  Its mission is to promote and protect the interests of its members who cover the whole of the entire cold chain, spanning from large companies through to SMEs.

Stone says: “There is no question that 2020 has been a year of great challenge for our members – many of whom have seen their business disappear overnight as Covid-19 has impacted on Hospitality markets and now, in addition to these challenges, we have Brexit ahead.  

“2021 is going to be another tough year, and I am looking to support and help our members navigate what promises to be a rocky path ahead.

“Frozen foods play an important role across the out of home sector, and let us not forget what a fantastic industry, frozen food actually is….  It is a dynamic, innovative sector that has confounded its critics over many, many years”.

The Chair and Presidency of the BFFF is a two-year tenure-ship.

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