McCain Foodservice presents Mashing free-from food solutions

With recent changes to allergen labelling laws, lifestyle choices like “clean” eating, and a raised awareness of food intolerances, it’s important for chefs everywhere to focus on offering food that covers a range of dietary requirements.

However, in high turnover environments like hospitals, finding ingredients that are low cost, easy to source and prepare, and also free-from may seem a challenge. With this in mind, McCain Foodservice have presented a novel solution to caterers and chefs; McCain Simply Mash.

To test McCain Simply Mash as versatile ingredient, McCain Foodservice got in touch with food development chef Steve Walpole, and asked him to use it to come up with two free-from menu ideas. It’s safe to say that at first, Steve was a little sceptical.

Having worked across various sectors in the catering industry, Steve knows all too well the challenges kitchens can face when catering to free-from customers. However, Steve thinks he’s found a solution in Simply Mash. “It can be easy to get caught up trying to source obscure substitute ingredients to achieve free-from status but the answer is often right in front of you. Mash is a great substitute for wheat flour as it provides a lot of structure. Using Simply Mash was also a great way of delivering greater consistency and guaranteed quality for clients, many of which need to replicate a high standard end product across multiple sites.”

The versatility of the ingredient also proved a big draw for Steve, who put it to use in both a dessert and main menu item. “I’ve used it with polenta to create some fantastic nut and gluten free chocolate brownies and served with a chocolate orange sauce. Potato is also a fantastic vehicle to get flavour into so I’ve used it as the base for street food style spicy potato balls.”

“I was amazed, but in hindsight perhaps I shouldn’t have been. It seems Simply Mash could be a bit of a secret ingredient when trying to deliver free-from menus.”

To find out how McCain Simply Mash could help hospital caterers and kitchens anywhere create free-from menus, and watch Steve using the mash, head here to the McCain Foodservice site.

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