Sous-vide cooking has never been easier

Owners of a VarioCooking Center® do not need to invest in any additional cooking appliances in order to try out sous-vide cooking methods. Every VarioCooking Center® has an integrated sous-vide process and the performance of the unit guarantees perfect results. The VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® transfers the heat energy with the patented VarioBoost® heating system with precision and over the entire surface of the pan base. The temperature is measured every second and is automatically regulated by the built-in cooking intelligence. You can set your unit for 72 hours and for quantities up to 70 kg. It allows the production of sous-vide dishes to a high quality without setting temperatures or continuous checking.

The vacuum-packed food items do not have any evaporation loss, which means that the aromas and moisture are preserved during the cooking process. The particular advantages are the intensity of the intrinsic flavour and the tenderness of meat and poultry products. With a high standard of hygiene during preparation and strict adherence to cooking temperatures as well as fast cooling to 3 °C after cooking, the shelf life of the food is up to 14 days. The simplicity with which products cooked sous-vide can be used in day-to-day kitchen routines guarantee high quality in terms of flavour, appearance and cooking level. These results are very difficult to achieve with conventional cooking methods and appliances.

"There are possible uses for sous-vide in classic a la carte cooking or in kitchens designed according to the cook & chill principle. Low electricity consumption during cooking is an additional saving," explains Thomas Treu, Head of Application Consulting at FRIMA.

In addition to the cooking process for sous-vide, the VarioCooking Center® offers other processes which allow boiling, frying and deep-frying without monitoring and with consistent quality. If that wasn't enough, individual desired results can be saved and shared via ConnectedCooking to multiple units at the click of a button.

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