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”I was offered very little suitable food over the next few days and discharged myself shortly after.”

Olivia's story


County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust have devised a short DVD regarding the ‘Perfect Meal’ encouraging patients to eat well to help the pathway to recovery.

Nutrition & Hydration 365/24-7

365/24/7Raising awareness on Nutrition & Hydration within a Healthcare setting is an important part of the quality of care for our patient, so as caterers, being fully involved in the planning and production of healthy, nutritious and balanced meals is vital.

The working relationships that we are building on, with Clinical teams, Dietitians, Speech & Language colleagues and Suppliers is giving opportunity to make a “real difference” to our patients every day of the year.

The Nutrition and Hydration 365, 24/7 Campaign shows that amazing work is going on throughout the NHS across the 4 Nations which enables us to build on a solid foundation.

“Good nutrition and hydration is at the heart of every HCA member and we will continue to do our best to provide it to patients, every day, week and month of the year, every year.”

Phil Shelley – Immediate Past Chair


Download N&H Posters from L&D Forum 2018


Patients are our priority.

Our initiatives

Nutritious, wholesome food.

Hospital food is an essential part of patient care. Good food can encourage patients to eat well, giving them the nutrients they need to recover from surgery or illness.

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