Types of Membership

Full Membership

Open to persons directly involved in NHS Healthcare Catering Management - annual subscription of £50.00 + VAT of £4.88, a concessionary rate (total £54.88).


Associate Membership

Open to trade suppliers and similar non catering management personnel - annual subscription of £50.00 + VAT of £4.88, a concessionary rate (total £54.88). (Associate Membership limited to one third of Branch Membership - See Rule 5c (iii) HCA Rules and Constitution of detail).


Life Membership

Open to Full Members in retirement - a single payment of £50.00 + VAT at 20% (total £60.00, see rule 6a and 6b HCA Constitution and Rules).


Guest Membership

Open to persons actively employed in Healthcare Catering. For example, catering supervisory positions, who have appropriate qualifications and/or expertise, and who are actively employed to manage food and nutrition for patients. This option is free for up to one year, not renewable and not extendable and thereafter Guest Members will be invited to join as Full Members.


Honorary Membership

Granted to Full Members, who in the opinion of National Council, and approved at the AGM of the Association have given exceptional service to the Association.


Patronage Scheme

There is also a Patronage scheme in place for those companies wishing to support the Association, and become involved in Branch activities - the annual subscription for an individual Patron is £100.00 + VAT of £9.79, a concessionary rate (total £109.79) and for a Corporate Patron is £1,200.00 + VAT of £117.14, a concessionary rate (total £1,317.14).


Honorary Patron

Granted to pay tribute and recognise national figures or individuals who have undertaken important work in NHS catering for the benefit of the service and recognised and worked with the HCA to achieve these benefits, also awarded to individuals whose standing and reputation in society have helped to endorse or communicate the aims and messages of both the Association and the hospital catering sector. Honorary Patron membership is renewable annually at the discretion of the HCA's National Council.

 Please contact Caroline Darvill by email at: NatTreasurer@hospitalcaterers.org or Janice Gillan on 01563 827542 or email: NatSecretary@hospitalcaterers.org to find out more or download a membership pack.

* All prices quoted correct as at November 2019


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