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Why you should ensure all your food suppliers hold suitable certification?

The NHS is one of the largest caterers in Europe, catering for the sick, the elderly and the young, the three most vulnerable groups when exposed to food poisoning bacteria. It is vital that in such circumstances food suppliers are able to demonstrate their compliance with food safety requirements and that caterers have taken all reasonable precautions and all due diligence in ensuring the safety of the food. Leaving it to the professionals, STS, you can have peace of mind, whilst utilising your resources to produce the finished product. Download the pdf document ‘Understanding of Local Procurement for gaining accreditation’, which will give you further details on the HOW/WHAT/COST.

Why STS?

STS have been auditing food suppliers and manufacturers on behalf of the NHS for over 20 years. STS have established the audit standard – the Public Sector Code of Practice – which has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). STS also have a standard for small and regional suppliers, those more likely to supply Trusts and hospitals direct.

STS maintain a team of qualified and experienced auditors, with appropriate industry experience.

STS provide you with a due diligence defence, The service extends to assisting with any challenge of the due diligence defence as well as providing support for food complaints and incidents. The full cost of the service is covered by the suppliers.

What if my suppliers hold BRC or SALSA?

STS undertake a 3rd party assessment of the audit reports to ensure you maintain a due diligence defence.

How often are suppliers audited?

Most suppliers will have a twelve month audit frequency – those supplying high risk products will be audited every six months.

How do I know if a supplier holds approval from STS?

We have an on-line database which provides details of suppliers approved, including the ability to download a copy of the last report and certificate. Access can be provided to all Trusts and hospitals by STS.

What if a supplier is not approved?

Let STS have the suppliers details and proposed products and they will contact them direct to find out if they hold any acceptable certification and, if not, advising them on the best route to approval.

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Telephone: 01252 728300

Soil Association and HCA – Drive standards and encourage local suppliers to supply the NHS

The Soil Association’s Food for Life Catering Mark is an independently audited framework for hospitals to take steps to improve the food they serve to patients, staff and visitors. The Bronze, Silver and Gold awards provide a unique endorsement that food is fresh, trustworthy and traceable, and free from harmful additives and trans fats.

NHS England's 2014/15 key guidance for commissioners and care providers now includes a hospital food goal (the Hospital Food CQUIN Exemplar), and cites the Catering Mark as a way to raise food standards.

Over 10,000 meals are served to Catering Mark Standards in hospitals and care settings every day.

Suppliers play an integral part in working with caterers to normalise better food in hospitals. Catering Mark Supplier Members are already supporting Catering Mark holders to meet the Standards.

‘The Catering Mark Supplier Scheme is a great opportunity to bring caterers and suppliers closer together' Mark Davies, ISS”


The NACB Standard – The standard for catering butchers

The NACB recognise that Government Buying Standards exist for food and catering services and that these provide a tool for procurement. We believe that the NACB Standard helps hospital caterers to meet the requirements of the GBS.


KD Catering Butchers Journey and working relationship to achieve sustainability with Sussex Partnership NHS Trust

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