About the Forum

The Merseyside and North Wales Branch of the Hospital Catering Association are hosting the Leadership and Development Forum 2016, to be held at the BT Conference Centre in Liverpool, on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 April.

The Forum theme for 2016 is 'With a little help from my friends', and achievement through collaborative working 'with our friends', is what the 2016 Leadership and Development Forum is all about.

These friends are patients, fellow caterers/the HCA Membership, clinicians, dietitians, suppliers, the Government and other national organisations/associations...

In other words - You!

‘Food is the best form of medicine’ is the HCA's strapline. Good nutritious food aids the healing process and recovery. It therefore follows that hospital catering matters not only to our patients, but to the nurses and doctors and hospital staff, and to our patients' carers, relatives, families and visitors, and of course Trust CEOs/Directors of Nursing.

As endorsed by the Food Standards regulations across the 4 Nations, it is crucial that hospitals and healthcare establishments provide good quality, high standard, nutritious and appealing food. Therefore we must, as an Association and our individual Members, set a clear example by providing good nutritious food for patients - 'eating for good health', with healthier menus for visitors and staff - 'healthy eating'.

Equally, as the nation’s leading healthcare catering organisation it is imperative that we set the standard for the future, while working as part of a larger team within the NHS. Importantly, this means working collaboratively with our patients, our peers, our partners, industry experts, like minded associations and the various governments.

Despite the falling budgets and the NHS task of achieving a £30 billion efficiency and efficacy saving by 2020, [which may well change, post election] 'Food is still the best form of medicine'. So the HCA's 2016 L&D Forum will address the operational and financial major issues, developments and concerns for feeding patients in the future. Naturally, 'with a little help' from 'our' friends, empowering us to plan ahead together, with a collective confidence that will make a difference.