East Anglia Branch News

From Barry Wells

I am delighted to have passed over the Chairmanship of the Branch to Sam Girling. It goes without saying that we have all experienced a most difficult two years and just as I was getting to grips with my responsibilities, I suddenly found myself battling the intricacies of Teams-led video meetings. At the best of times, I am technically challenged, but I was always late for the meetings because of being temporarily barred from joining the fibre optic ether. Thankfully, Sam was always ready to telephone me and talk me through the process. So, this gives me the opportunity to thank my committee colleagues for their patience, support and understanding.

During my tenure I managed to oversee several meetings and presentations and, generally, all were well attended. Despite the difficulties, the presentations were very professional and, most importantly, educational, but with the country returning to normal I am excited at the prospect of personal meetings under Sam’s Chairmanship, who will be overseeing some great programme ideas.

As Vice Chair I remain at Sam’s side, and I would like my legacy to be that we finally have a full member from the profession Chairing the Branch. The HCA is a formidable organisation and should not be taken for granted. However, as much as suppliers want to be involved, my view is that full members should head each Branch, with suppliers in support. We all strive for the very highest standards, but it is the hospital catering professionals who are at the coalface and have most to gain.

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