National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day

In October 2021 the professional associations representing the majority of estates and facilities across the UK healthcare jointly created a National day to celebrate the essential work of all estates and facilities professions.

We wanted to celebrate the achievements of the thousands of staff working in these service professions and recognise the critical importance of E&F services in the delivery of care to our patients.

The first National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day took place on 15th June 2022.

The response has surpassed our expectations, with over 500 regisrations to support the day, covering an amazing 251,000 E&F coleagues across the UK.

E&F Teams were celebrated in a multitude of ways which was fantastic to see.

Coverage across regional and national media really brought the fantastic work of our Estates & Facilities colleagues into the spotlight.

The National Healthcare EFM Day now takes place on the third Wednesday of June every year – so our next day of celebration will be 21st June 2023.

Healthcare National Estates & Facilities Day #Success

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that when launching the “National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day” at the HCA Learning and Development Forum in Liverpool at the end of March would we have seen such a successful day.

It’s been fantastic reading via Twitter, Facebook and email of the engagement that’s occurred between Senior Management Teams and their workforce. The expressions of thanks extended to the many selfless individuals that we recognise as Estates and Facilities workers has been outstanding.

Our Estates and Facilities Services provide essential support to clinical teams up and down the country ensuring excellent and consistent outcomes in the patient’s pathway. I have been on teams calls and heard of the different ways colleagues have been celebrating their staff, it really is uplifting.

Over 539 organisations registered to support the day covering 251,135 support staff which was far in excess of the original targets set by the joint associations.

We will now review feedback from across the 4 Nations at our July meeting to be summarised, shared as good practice and potentially used to inform and stimulate ideas for next year’s event.

Please do leave feedback on the link at our webpage: https://www.healthcareefmday.org

A special thanks to our partners H2O Publishing and especially Jamie Robbins for giving us the extra momentum and assistance also from Amanda Roberts with content for our social media platforms.

Well done to all my colleagues and peers involved and roll on next year.

#HealthEFMDay is here to stay.

Brian Robb
HCA National Chair

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