Statement from the Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) Chairman, Stewart McKenzie regarding Carillon PLC administration

Craig McKenzieThe announcement today regarding the collapse of Carillion PLC has been met with shock and great sadness. Our thoughts go out to all of our members, suppliers, patients and hospital caterers nationwide who may be affected.

We understand that Carillion’s healthcare portfolio was responsible for preparing more than 18,500 patient meals per day. Alongside that, buildings they were responsible for included 200 operating theatres, 300 critical care beds and just under 11,500 in-patient beds. They were also responsible for the new, under construction Royal Liverpool Hospital.

The HCA’s highest priority is the patient and the delivery of nutritious and safe food within hospitals. Diet significantly affects our health, therefore nutrition and hydration is an important part of the hospital care package and has a substantial impact on patient’s recovery and wellbeing. As well as being responsible for patient food, our members and hospital caterers are also responsible for the meal provision of 1.3million health service staff that work within the NHS.

We recognise that interruption to the level of service provided can have a significant impact on our patients, staff and visitors, therefore the HCA encourages our members or any hospital caterer that has been affected by today’s announcement to get in touch if they would like to discuss concerns regarding the safe and continuous delivery of hospital patient meals.

We believe the following hospitals are affected along with many more.

  • James Cook University Hospital 900 staff
  • Roseberry Park Hospital (Mental Health) 22 staff
  • Southmead Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Great Western Hospital, Swindon
  • Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth NHS Trust
  • Harplands Hospital, North Staffordshire Trust
  • Midland Met and Royal Liverpool - under construction.

Editor’s note:

Source of Carillon’s healthcare statistics: https://www.carillionplc.com/solutions/sectors/healthcare/

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