First ever truly healthy pot meals poised to revolutionise hospital vending

Delicious quality pots for the price of a sandwich
A new concept meal-in-a-pot range is poised to revolutionise hospital vending.

For the first time, NutriPot will provide delicious instant pot meals, fortified with half of all the body’s 28 daily vitamin and mineral needs – for the price of a sandwich.

The scope is vast, says Brand Manager Stacy Cronly-Dillon, anywhere there is a need for healthy fast food on the go:

“Audiences are almost limitless, and include patients, visitors and staff. It will be particularly valuable when canteens are shut, providing assured nutrients for everyone.”

The NutriPot range comprises Aromatic Thai Noodles, Chicken and Mushroom Noodles, Moroccan Couscous, Quattro Formaggi Pasta, and Pasta Bolognese. All are £2.50 and just need hot water added.

Stacy said: “In a backlash against junk food, people are crying out for meals-on-the-go that are quick, easy, tasty and healthy - convenience foods that actually do them good – to boost their health or top up their nutrients.

“NutriPots are perfect when you want something nutritious, with quality ingredients, responsibly sourced, but just don’t have the time.

“They are high in protein (keeping you fuller, longer), low in saturated fats and with no added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives. And they are veggie friendly too, with no genetically modified soya, or MSG.”

She added: “NutriPots contain the essential vitamins and minerals to help keep bones and teeth strong; skin, hair and nails healthy; aid cognitive function; and reduce tiredness and fatigue. Ensuring your body has the right level of vitamins and minerals is also critical to a healthy immune system, supporting inside and out.

“It’s the perfect choice - healthy fast food for life on the go.”

Vending industry information and samples are available from Richard Cassidy enquiries@nutripot.com and www.nutripot.com

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