Live online: check out Rational’s most advanced cooking systems ever

filmingRational UK has launched interactive online events that allow hospital caterers to experience the company’s most advanced combi steamer, the iComb i Pro, and the new iVario cooking system. Rational Live online events are hosted by Rational expert hosts who can be quizzed at any time during the session, to get specialist information and cooking solutions about particular needs and menus. 

Rational’s Live online programme is produced in the UK by Rational chefs and features fresh new UK-specific content. The focus is on the advanced cooking intelligence of the iCombi Pro and the iVario, showing how they can enhance productivity, creativity, consistency and functionality. The expert chefs show how Rational’s innovative, interactive technologies work with the chef to deliver high quality and consistent cooking results.

Each Rational Live online lasts about 45 minutes and they are accessible via PC, tablet or mobile phone.

They are free to attend and can be booked at www.rational-online.com

iCombi Pro and iVario: a new level of cooking intelligence

The new iCombi Pro and iVario are the most intelligent cooking systems Rational has ever built. The use of intelligent assistants enhances the chef’s capabilities by offering maximum functionality, flexibility, productivity and consistency, whilst at the same time caring for the environment, by reducing consumption of power and water.

A highlight of the iVario’s intelligent functions is iZoneControl. This allows the chef to operate individual or several different cooking zones in one pan, each at its own temperature, in this way different foods can be cooked simultaneously. iZoneControl gives chefs maximum choice, maximum flexibility and maximum control.

One of the stars of the iCombi Pro’s four new intelligent functions is iProductionManager, which increases productivity and adds flexibility to production schedules whilst reducing running costs. It gives the option of cooking different products at the same time, automatically preparing the food to the optimum schedule.

Together, the iCombi Pro and iVario offer a complete multifunctional solution to the modern kitchen, covering 95% of all conventional cooking processes and delivering increased productivity, all in a compact, space-saving footprint.

To find out more visit www.rational-online.com

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