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HCA Service Guides

Healthcare Food and Beverage Service Standards – A Good Practice Guide to Ward Level Service

The Good Practice Guide provides a framework for nurses and other healthcare practitioners at all levels. It has the potential to really make a difference to the nutritional status of people when they are in hospital and has received endorsements for the following organisations click here.

Scope of the Guide

The Good Practice Guide sets out the standards that, patients, and their carers, have a right to expect from catering services in the NHS.

Good food, and the support to eat it, is considered to be an integral part of a patient’s care plan, giving them the nutrients they need to support a rapid recovery from surgery or illness. Ensuring that Food is the Best Form of Medicine and Food First Approach at all times.

The Francis Reports highlighted that nutrition and hydration are basics requirements and, as such, must form a KEY and ESSENTIAL part of the patient’s stay and recovery.

This document is designed as a ‘how to’ manual for delivering excellence in food and beverage service to patients. It promotes outstanding service from the point at which food and beverages arrive at the service area to when the meal or refreshment service is concluded.

It is aimed at all those people with responsibility for providing a food service to patients including:

  • Clinical Modern Matrons
  • Ward Sisters
  • Ward Housekeepers
  • Ward Managers
  • Ward Hostesses
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Dietitians
  • Caterers
  • Porters
  • Day Centre Managers
  • Speech & Language Therapists
  • Domestic Services

Additional copies can be purchased by downloading and completing the order form, using the button below, and either emailing to hca@lansdownepublishing.com or faxing back to Lansdowne Publishing on 0161 872 6665.

HCA Service Guides

Retail and Commercial Service Standards – An operational guide to services

Sets out the how and tools to run a successful retail offer in the NHS, it covers the importance of offering a balanced menu to ensure staff and visitors are well nourished and hydrated.

Additional copies can be purchased by completing the following order form and faxing back to Lansdowne Publishing on 0161 872 6665.

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