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From Jane Wills

The Branch hosted its AGM and social event for the second year at the Saunton Sands Hotel in Devon. On route, a number of Members participated in an interesting tour of the Hobart factory, followed by afternoon tea. It was also a special occasion because it marked the imminent retirement from Hobart of David Grundy, a well-known and highly regarded individual.

The social event in the evening was up to the same excellent standard as the previous year and was enjoyed by all. There were 26 attendees, which was excellent considering the distances most people had to travel, with 22 of them attending the AGM the following morning. The AGM was a lively affair with reflections over the year’s events and discussion on key objectives for 2020, including the continued planning for the 2021 Forum.

Left: Sean Buttle, Ian Parr, Stefan Wilcock, Lee McCarthy, Jon Smith and Jason Warrington. Centre: David, Paul and Cheryl Kavanagh. Right: Phil Shelley and Dave Grundy.

Trevor ChacksfieldTrevor Chacksfield climbs Kilimanjaro

The Branch is very proud of former Royal Marine – and Branch Member –Trevor Chacksfield, who recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Royal Marines charity. He sent the following message:

“You will be pleased to know I reached the summit at 19:58 local time on Thursday 30 January,” said Trevor. “We had an eight hour climb starting at midnight. It rained for the whole six days whilst on the mountain… but as they say ‘it ain’t training unless it’s raining’. I was the oldest in a team of 15 by eight years, with the team comprising eight Brits and six Canadian, plus our team Doctor. He had summited Everest twice and said our final accent was tough going. We had a 17k yomp through the rain forest this morning… and yes it rained. There is time to donate if you wish.”

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