Chairman welcomes the new NHS England National Standards of Hospital Food and Drink

The long awaited standards have been released and are available for download.

Speaking after the launch the HCA’s National Chair, Brian Robb, National Chair welcomed the new standards saying : ”I am delighted that key points raised by the HCA during our dialogue with Lord Kamal have been included, particularly the element that Trust Boards are being required to have ownership for Food & Nutrition, which is key to ensuring financial support for caterers especially during these very challenging financial times.”

The direct link is National Standards of Hospital Food and Drink, which are now available on the NHS England website. Phil Shelley and Emma Brookes have also written a blog to summarise the Standards and explain what they will mean for patients, staff and visitors, this is now available on the NHS England website.

As a summary, the Standards require all organisations subject to the NHS Standard Contract will be required to deliver against the following standards:

  1. Organisations must have a designated board Director responsible for food (nutrition and safety) and report on compliance with the Healthcare Food and Drink Standards at Board Level as a standing agenda item.

  2. Organisations must have a Food and Drink Strategy.

  3. Organisations must ensure that they have access to appropriate catering dietetic advice and support.

  4. Organisations must have a nominated food safety specialist.

  5. Organisations must invest in a high calibre workforce, improved staffing and recognise the complex knowledge and skills required by chefs and food service teams in the provision of safe food and drink services.

  6. Organisations must be able to demonstrate that they have an established training matrix and a learning and development programme for all staff involved in healthcare food and drink services; and

  7. Organisations must put steps into place to monitor their food waste, manage any waste produced and take action to reduce the food waste produce for plate waste, production waste and unserved food.

  8. Organisations must have suitable food and drink solutions for all staff over a 24/7 service period.

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